After connecting companies to investors for over decades in the real world, we decided it was time to reach out more to companies through the internet and make available the same life changing opportunities that we have been providing by baring our entire connections open to the public for free! Yes, absolutely Free!
Our biggest achievement as a company has been more in developing countries across Africa, Asia and South America where we have connected tons of everyday people to Billions of Dollars worth of investments for Small and Medium Enterprises operating in diverse fields of occupation.

What of a lot people fail to recognize is that while you are here wishing you had an “angel” investor, so are many investors out there wishing they had an “angel” investment – a good and safe place to put in their money and watch it grow. Here in our database you have access to over 1o,000 investors of different investment targets from as little USD$100 to USD$2omillion Dollars and more, waiting for your email and information to make it to their desk, and all you have to do is sign up, with your information and we’ll do the rest.
Our investors include Private/Public Companies, Politicians, Crude Oil Business Magnates from the Middle East, Average income earners, Families, Everyday people etc, mostly emanating from developing countries.
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– Its totally free! Even if you are an investor, who knows, you might get lucky too. And like we say to our face to face clients, “give us 6odays and we’d love to put a smile on your face”.

Director of Global Marketing Strategy.

Julian Hart