Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. How does this work?

A. You send us an email through our contact form, your email gets passed on automatically to companies signed to our Angel Investors list, and if there is any interest in your idea, they’ll contact us and we will contact you.

Q, How long before you will contact me?

A. We usually take a maximum of 60 days to get back to applicants. If there are companies seriously considering investing in your project, and need some more time to decide, we will contact you asking for more time.

If we don’t get back to you after 60 days, please consider it as a polite “No! not interested”.

Q. I live in Brazil, can I still apply?

A. We provide Funding to companies world over, regardless of location. However you would have to come down to our Office in Hong Kong to make an Official Investment Pitch/Presentation, to representatives of companies that have chosen to meet you.

Q. Are you going to turn around and ask me for money sometime later?

A. Absolutely Not. We charge our fees to the Investors based on a percentage of their investment. Nothing Ever! will be charged to you.

Q. When will I get funded?

A. We usually require that we meet with applicants within 30 days after we have confirmed a keen interest in their project. Funds will be released to applicants within 30 days after that, once all paperwork has been concluded.

Q.  Are you open to investing in all fields of life?

A. No. our Angel Investors are NOT interested in the following fields

Pornography (or Any NSFW field), illegal or Gambling activities, Projects that cause ¬†national conflicts or grossly breaks Government Laws, Religion related projects, don’t invest in a private Music/Acting/dancing etc Career, don’t invest in politically related projects.

We are interested in Technological Innovations, Commodity related projects especially Food and Mining, Medicine, Fashion Trends, Education (Non Private), Farming/Agriculture.

Q. Is there a Minimum or maximum amount that can be funded?

A. No, we are open minded.